Compat Module Installation

Took me a while to find it so posting here in case it’s useful to others.

If you get an error like this in BoxLang:

The key [coldfusion] was not found in the struct. Valid keys are ([java, system, os, separator, servlet, boxlang])

Then you need to install the BoxLang Compat Module (TestBox for example needs it). You can install the module using:

box install bx-compat

Or find it on ForgeBox

FORGEBOX: BoxLang Compat Module

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I don’t like plugging my personal stuff on here, but here is a post I wrote about spinning up your first BoxLang server that outlines setting up a stock ColdBox app


Thank you - that’s helpful. Trying to get a basic TestBox testsuite up and running.

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Brad gave me this useful tip: to ensure BoxLang Compat is installed via server.json, add this clause:

        "onServerInitialInstall":"install bx-compat"

Even if you forget the server, when you start it up, it’ll get the Compat module automatically.


Just in case someone needs it, here are two more guides published: