Configure server settings in Railo instance

I just started looking at CommandBox, so apologies if this is something obvious or I missed it in the documentation.

I have an existing build process in my CI server that checks out a set of source code, pushes it to a remote server, and then runs a series of unit tests. I would like to remove the remote server dependency and I was looking at CommandBox to take its place. From what I have read and seen in the videos, it looks like I could set up a box.json file and execute it from the command line to spin up a test Railo instance around the checked out source code and use that local, temporary Railo instance to run the unit tests and report back the success/failure to the CI server.

I am not far into this process yet, but the thing I am missing at the moment is how I would do any admin configuration on the test Railo server. For example, how would I configure a mapping or a datasource? It seems like this would have to go into a configuration file somewhere as the server instance is temporary, but I am not finding any documentation on this.

Any pointers or suggestions?

– Jeff

Hi Jeff,

You can easily do this by adding your own railo.web.xml to your build process.

The Preside guys have an example here:

Mappings and data sources can all be set in your Application.cfc. In fact, Railo lets you set just about ANY setting from the admin in your Application.cfc as well.

This keeps everything in source control and goes a long way to keep you codebase portable.