Confused over handler error

Hello all,

I have been working on a small project. A very simple splash page with a form that will save the information in the from to a database and email the information to the client.

I have everything working fine in my development environment. However, when I send it to production I get an error: HandlerService.EventHandlerNotRegisteredException.

I have done a fwreinit and I have even turned on debugging so that I can click the reinit button, just to be sure. I’m using git so I know my sources match but I’m at a loss
as to why I’m getting this error.


Oops! Exception Encountered### Application Execution ExceptionError Type: HandlerService.EventHandlerNotRegisteredException : [N/A]

Error Messages: The event: savecontact.index is not valid registered event.


Handler savecontact:


  • Saves the contact info then returns you to the main page



property name=“contact” inject=“id”;

property name=“MailService” inject=“coldbox:plugin:MailService”;

function index(event,rc,prc){


contact.PutContacts(rc = rc);

// Create a new mail object

local.Email = MailService.newMail().config(

/* mail stuff removed */

// Set tokens within the mail object. THe tokens will be evaluated

// by the ColdBox Mail Service. Any matching @key@ within the view

// will be replaced with the token’s value


dateCreated = now()

, PersonName =

, PersonEmail =

, PersonPhone =

, PersonComment = rc.comments


// Add plain text email

local.Email.addMailPart(charset=‘utf-8’,type=‘text/plain’,body=‘@PersonName@, @PersonEmail@’);

// Send the email. MailResult is a boolean.

local.mailResult = MailService.send(local.Email);


event.setView(name =‘oakwoodafterform’);



I have checked for casing errors as the PROD environment is Linux and I’m working on Windows and the DEV version of CF9.

It has to be something simple as this is working on my laptop. Any help is appreciated.