Content Box - Support Ticket

We’re just getting started with a ContentBox application and looking to see what components are prebuilt and where we need to start from scratch.

Are there any existing Customer Support Ticket modules we can adapt for our app?

Hi @vicdesign welcome aboard. As far as I have checked, I don’t see any customer support ticket modules. Also remember that ANY ColdBox module works with ContentBox as well. But I still could not find any. However, we would love to assist in any way we can. (@garciadev )

Hello and welcome @vicdesign. I am not aware of any support ticket modules either. Do you have a solution already that you would like to integrate? If not, and you are looking for a solution, FreshDesk may be an option. They also have a free tier for up to 10 agents. It’s not a tool that we use but is one that I have heard good things about. Thanks!


Thanks Daniel.
We want to develop a fully integrated CRm build on ContentBox.
We are quite prepared to start from scratch but would rather not reinvent the wheel.
I appreciate your input.

NO problems @vicdesign let us know how we can assist.