[ContentBox 1.5.6] Reload ORM-Railo Bug

Hi there,

When I reload or reset ORM from the Admin, Site and Admin send me an error:

Error Type: ORMService.MaybeInvalidParamCaseException : [N/A]
Error Messages: A null pointer exception occurred when running the count
The most likely reason is that the keys in the passed in structure need to be case sensitive. Passed Keys=name

Any ideas to bring to life my App again :slight_smile: ?

Railo final

Thanks guys


When I ormreload and fwreinit this comes up:

The previous ORM error is gone but now…

Application Execution ExceptionError Type: expression : 0

Error Messages: No matching Method/Function for String.flashExists() found

Restarting Railo seem to fix the issue, is this normal?

Thanks guys

I had other issues with ORM. While a lot of things will be cached, an ORM issue needs a restart of Railo all the time. This is okay in a development environment but a big “don’t like” in a productive environment.

I agree, Im a little scare about loosing clients because of this ORM-Railo “bugs” on production sites… for now is just fine.