ContentBox 3.5 error

After upgraded to content box 3.5 from 3.0 keep getting error message after any update made to the database. the error message is “failed to lazily initialize a collection of role: cbContent.contentVersions, could not initialize proxy - no Session” is this know error do i have to go back to ContentBox 3.0 which worked very well for me? FYI i am running ColdFusion 2016

any help would be appreciated.


more information: only way to pass this using applicationStop() then reload pages even fwReinit doesn’t work.

Did you restart server?

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I did restart the server and it did go away but after any database update like content, users first update would work but after that i am getting that error.

uploading the error message

Wow, that does seem very weird, I don’t think we have encountered something like this before. Can you post your Application.cfc and update patch level of Adobe 2016 please

Attached Application.cfc

I did try updating to Last ColdFusion 2016 patch 4 also but still have the same issue. this happens after few insert/updates (1 - 3) to the database like updating contents or users


Application.cfc (4.66 KB)

just want to add one more information that content is getting added but this error shows up.

Few things for you on The Application.cfc

this.javaSettings = {LoadPaths = ["./lib"],reloadOnChange=true};

The reload on Change is going to eat up your server and memory. Be careful with this setting. Only use it for development and if you are doing on-the-fly java compilation in the lib folder.

Enable logSQL in the orm settings block and make sure you monitor the log files on WHY it fails. Basically it is saying the hibernate session does not exist when you are trying to log in to the system.

Does this happen when you are logging in only>

I am using this on a dev server.

i will try that.

more information about this error and i was able to replicate.
i noticed that after my session expires this error occurs. like say i am logged in as admin and managing content and after my session expires i get login screen then if i try to login it throw that error message

failed to lazily initialize a collection of role: cbContent.contentVersions, could not initialize proxy - no Session.

Thanks this is what we need. The ability to replicate.
I will try again

Luis Majano
Ortus Solutions, Corp
P/F: 1-888-557-8057

Very long time later, and on a different version of ContentBox (4.2.1) ColdFusion 2018, but I’m having the exact experience on a new server we just stood up. Always happens after a session times out. The strange thing for us is we have this running on 3 other environments and this is the only one that fails. The difference between environments is that the server that is experiencing the issue is a Windows/IIS server while the 3 that aren’t are Linux/Nginx or Linux/undertow(via commandbox).

Where you able to reproduce and find a solution for this @lmajano?