ContentBox 4.1.0 - site display issues in IE 11 and long loading time


I have successfully installed ContentBox 4.1.0 using the source, but there are two issues:

  1. Site display issue with Internet Explorer 11
  2. Takes too long to load the site page (almost a minute)
    Installation environment:
  • Windows operating system
  • ColdFusion 11
  • IIS rewrite

Display issue:
It is not displaying properly when browsing the site using Internet Explorer 11. No problem with other web browsers (chrome, Firefox, opera, safari).
The admin pages seems to display properly in Internet Explorer 11.

The top menu isn’t displayed, plus the page content formatting isn’t correct.

If I browse to the same URL on a new tab in Internet Explorer 11, this is what is loaded. You can see the document mode has defaulted to 5 (see bottom right of below image):

Viewing same site on Google Chrome
This is what you see on Google Chrome:

As for your speed, can you check if you have report execution times turned on in your cfadmin?`