[contentbox-4.2.1+737] Blank page after dbscript run

I set up ContentBox locally using commandbox install
I migrated the project to another development server.
Navigated to that site root, beginning of install dialog showed up fine.
I ran the database setup script Tables appeared in the DB
Now when I navigate to the site I get a blank page.

I’m sure there’s something simple in a config that needs to be updated somewhere but I’m out of guesses.

Thanks in advance.

Well I did the full install locally and had somewhat better results, but not ready for prime time.

Left test server, Right Local

Can you give me some more details please:

  • What CFML version are you using?
  • What install string did you use?
  • Did you configure full url rewrites?

Cf version 2016.0.17.325979
box install contentbox-installer
Yes configured go full rewrites

Another note the root of the dev server (and the local) is a folder called ContentBoxOne

May have something to do with this on our dev/test server
Disable access to internal ColdFusion Java components
Disables the ability for CFML code to access and create Java objects that are part of the internal ColdFusion implementation. This prevents an unauthenticated CFML template from reading or modifying administration and configuration information for this server.

If that setting is on, is there a work around. Assume I have limited or zero access to the servers

I don’t know if your issues are related to that setting, but I can confirm that parts of ColdBox MVC will not work if that setting is enabled.

Thanks that helps solve one issue, I turned that off to attempt to replicate the issue. Saw the site fall to pieces. Turned out not just that. Once I have it I will let you know