[contentbox-4.2.1+737] Changing Root Directory Name

Should I just build the site using commandbox on a directory of the same name as the server locally?

I would like to Modernize and not Die

So I’m proposing ContentBox to our team, built locally promoted to our Dev/Test server. Didin’t work posted a question and that’s in a different thread to determine other issues (sent our ops team system requirements nothing but crickets, I only have so much acces). Hunting threads I found that directories named ContentBox cause a bug in CF so only having that to go on I asked ops to update the directory name and point the server to that instead. Now I use ?reinit=true and nothing.

I admit I’m starting all Coldbox things w/ this ContentBox install and I’m not intimate with possible obvious solutions

Certain leaps of logic aren’t landing to get to a rapid solution.