[contentbox-BE] Cannot start clean env IIS 7.5, MSSQL, CF9.0.1

I’ve been using contentbox with a small test group for several weeks now. I just downloaded a fresh clone from github to look at folding in the latest updates.

Fresh install in an isolated IIS 7.5 site with a dedicated CF9 instance. Dropped the existing MSSQL database and created a new empty database for it to build into.

On first start just throws error: Association references unmapped class:

And there’s not a lick of help in the debugging output that I can see:

org.hibernate.MappingException: Association references unmapped class: 
	at org.hibernate.cfg.HbmBinder.bindCollectionSecondPass(HbmBinder.java:2473)
	at org.hibernate.cfg.HbmBinder$CollectionSecondPass.secondPass(HbmBinder.java:2752)
	at org.hibernate.cfg.CollectionSecondPass.doSecondPass(CollectionSecondPass.java:66)
	at org.hibernate.cfg.Configuration.secondPassCompile(Configuration.java:1221)
	at org.hibernate.cfg.Configuration.buildSessionFactory(Configuration.java:1377)

The only thing I know for sure is that it doesn’t build the database. I am using the supplied dsn (“contentbox”) and I have made sure in the admin that it connects OK.

Hopefully this helps, I look forward to getting to a stable contentbox.
So far every time I do find something and track it down usually you guys have already it patched.


Jade I just had the hard time of debugging this and figure out to be a ColdFusion mapping issue. Open the application.cfc and remove the ContentBox-root mapping.

For some reason cf chokes with it

Jade just as a follow up. This error was cryptic and incredibly hard to track. What I discovered once I used savemapping was that it was confusing the mappings from the per application mappings for some reason. I will report this to adobe as it seems it mixes the mappings and then reports that cryptic error.

I removed the root mapping and after that all worked as expected. Maybe something to do with a dash in the mapping name. Just an FYI for anybody out there with the same hibernate issues.

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What is the root mapping in the Hibernate Configuration ?!


I think there are some hibernate problems in CF9.0.1, so try CF9.0.2 with latest patches.


The only difference between 9.01 and 9.02 is the removal of verity.