ContentBox BE

It looks like Railo’s latest update now works with ContentBox BE. I’m going to continue to test but totally stoked to have Railo support!


I had a chance to sit with Michael at CFCamp and we ironed out all issues so far. So we should be compatible now.


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Too Cool!!!

I’m going to start converting over about a dozen blogs I manage :smiley:


As someone who is new to both ContentBox and ColdBox, I would find a blog article documenting your experience really interesting. If you’re willing…

What platform are you using now?



sure - i’ll write up something - might even try my hand at a screen cast (thanks Brad)

I currently use Ubuntu + Apache + Wordpress for everything however I am switching to Mac OS X + Nginx + Tomcat 7 + Railo

I am more of a ‘special case’ most likely but i am sure it will be able to help a few people!