Contentbox install issue


I am trying to install contentbox for the first time using the instructions on the website.

The process fails during the database migrations.

I am using mariaDB and I can see that the migrations table has installed so I know the username and password are valid. I also checked them in the .env file and they are correct there.

When I run the run-script contentbox:migrate it says:

migrate up migrationsDirectory=modules/contentbox/migrations

  • Skipping ContentBox v4 → v5 Migration as we have detected you are already on the v5 schema
    Migrating: 2020_08_24_150933_v5Upgrade
    Migrated: 2020_08_24_150933_v5Upgrade
    Migrating: 2022_03_07_155812_v5_1_0_page_sslonly_removals
    ERROR (5.5.2+00578)

there is no table that match the following pattern [cb_page]

Am I doing something wrong?

Finally worked out that I just had to ignore this message and go to the next step. When I tried the site it took me to the install page which created all the other tables.

Can I suggest an update to the documents warning new users that they should ignore the error produced by the upgrade script?