ContentBox install with latest Lucee failing

I posted this as a reply elsewhere, but thought it needed a new post. This is more of an FYI as I have resolved it.

Fresh Builds of Contentbox are breaking for me.

I’m have the latest Commandbox, OpenJDK11.

After doing a ContentBox installation with Lucee@5 as the engine, using contentbox-cli, everything builds normally, but the page will not load, throwing an error about not being able to initialize ORM because it can’t find the right class files.

To fix it. I stop the server and edit the server.json value for cfengine to lucee@ (it was pulling the latest registered stable tag of

After this, all works as expected.

You need the right extension and Lucee doesn’t install them by default anymore.

Use the Ortus orm extension and Lucee 5.4 please. Environment variable:


You can also add that into your server.json but env is easier if you are using .env file.

Sorry it’s a common issue with updating internal versions and extensions not installed automatically.

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Note: You have to ensure Hibernate is not installed. If so, uninstall it. After doing so, you will likely need to re-install Ortus ORM a the Hibernate uninstall must take some of the Hibernate that is bundled with Ortus ORM with it when it goes.