ContentBox Installation Issue - cbauth

I am evaluating ContentBox as a possible migration from Mura/Masa. I can’t seem to get past the command line install step.

I am on a Windows machine, using an already installed Lucee 5.x install that is running and working for months. When I try to hit the site after the install completes (database tables were created). I DO get an error about "No manager found names [{sitename}]. Available managers are: default.

When I hit the site i get the following error:

Type: IncompleteConfiguration
Messages: No [userServiceClass] provided. Please set in config/ColdBox.cfc under moduleSettings.cbauth.userServiceClass.

When I edit that file, there IS NOT a cbauth section under moduleSettingd.

Did something fail to install?

Hi @mike_chytracek

Can you pate here the output of the CLI installer?
The CLI installer will allow you to install this to a folder and optionally install a server. The migrations still need to be installed and the CLI needs to be able to connect to your database in order to generate the tables, populate them and prepare them for usage.

All upgrades are also done via the CLI in order to provide consistent migrations.

The error you are experiencing tells me the site was not deployed correctly for some reason. The {installFolder}/config/modules should have all of these files in it: ContentBox/config/modules at development · Ortus-Solutions/ContentBox · GitHub

Let’s start there, and see what happened.

Thanks for the reply! I am travelling over the holiday weekend but whwn i return i will post the cli output.