Contentbox Media Manager, is it me?

Couple of things in this screenshot:

You’ll see two files highlighted there.

  • These were both uploaded through the Upload feature here in media manager.
  • If a file has an issue, it doesn’t want to be un-highlighted.
  • The file with the issue is the first one: “Desk mat, blotter, Nordik.jpg”.
  • The second file, uploaded the same way, acts perfectly fine.
  • I believe the filename with commas and/or spaces, that might be the issue.
  • The first file, you cannot do quick preview on it, it will not be deselected, you cannot right click and get the URL, either.
  • (These files are the same content, by the way, just two copies with different names.)

Lastly, even with fresh Commandbox restart, reinit, etc. after uploading the animated spinner “Uploading…” and the “Upload File” button, they never go away. I can actually hit the Upload button and get more “Uploading…” animations added. After several, I finally got an error for the file (I uploaded the “bad” one second.)

I then deleted “nordik.jpg” so I could upload it again, these are the results, including the Javascript console. (But the Uploading your file…" doesn’t go away either, even though the nordik.jpg shows up in the refreshed list…)