Media Manager (UTF-8 file names)

I try to upload several (UTF-8) file names via drag and drop and unfortunately i get the following error

and afterwards

When i try to upload it via file upload button, i have got the same issue (uploading never ends)

Is there any solution to it?


Since you replied to me, I’ll say that I have not found a solution. No one from @Ortus has chimed in here. I have yet to simply find (again, I didn’t document this one) a combination of all the things (Ortus ORM, SQL Drivers, Lucee Version, ContentBox version and Coldbox version) that I can get to work together consistently.

Can you share some of those files here please. Without any stack traces or sample files, it’s impossible to debug.

I could share my box.json file, database postgresql, lucee via Commandbox and windows 8.1 platform.

    "name":"ContentBox Modular CMS Installer",
    "author":"Ortus Solutions <>",
    "shortDescription":"A ColdBox site configured and deployed with ContentBox CMS",
    "keywords":"cms,content management,modular cms",
        "Joel Watson <>",
        "Brad Wood <>",
        "Curt Gratz <>"
        "contentbox:migrate":"migrate up migrationsDirectory=modules/contentbox/migrations",
        "contentbox:migrate:up":"run-script contentbox:migrate",
        "contentbox:migrate:down":"migrate down migrationsDirectory=modules/contentbox/migrations",
        "install:2021":"!cfpm install zip,orm,mysql,postgresql,sqlserver,document,feed"


That really doesn’t help me to reproduce the error. I need stacktraces, exceptions and some type of files that are giving the problem so I can test.