ContentBox now set up as part of GRAPE Stack

I have pushed a very crude (but fully functional) setup script that will automatically configure a fully-working and up-to-date CFML stack running on a cloud server instance with a ContentBox blog setup and available right away.

The server is set up as the master instance of a cluster and runs Railo, ColdBox and ContentBox, all pre-configured to your domain name, with all kinds of other cool software already set up and running (like a mail server running on your domain name, couchdb with lucene, couchbase, solr… and so on…)

This version of the script and assets that I have pushed is just a haphazardly strung together extraction of some of the internals of the GRAPE Stack platform I’m building, so it’s not commented/documented or anything right now. There are two sides to this project, one is a proprietary set of services built to provide a full service, end-to-end, managed platform, the other is to provide a free and open source distribution of setup and configuration scripts to manage your own servers/clusters, which is what is currently on github.

The script currently sets up a fully pre-configured server, which once running, you can use the provided web control panel to add other servers and create a cluster. There is more information about this on the on the github readme.

For those of you with Rackspace Cloud accounts, just follow the instructions at the top of here:

For those of you who don’t have a Rackspace account, it’s easy to get one and it costs nothing to have one except for what you use like, like AWS. Support for other services, including AWS, is coming soon.

Oh, also, if you do decide to try this out, I am still running my download servers on a small instance, so if multiple people are hitting the server, the downloads may be slow. If only a couple of people are hitting it, the downloads will be super fast over Rackspace’s internal network, but if too many at once are hitting it, you might find it a little slow until I upgrade. I’ll do that soon. Ok, let me know if you have any problems.

Thanks everybody!


p.s. For testing, I recommend a 1024mb instance just so it sets up a little faster (more RAM and processors on the instance helps it set up quicker), but I’ve run it on the smallest instance as a dev environment with no problems.

Jim this is great. Lets talk when we can.

Hey Jim,

This is very cool. Awesome work. You mention on your github page to contact you if we want to give it a try and don’t have a Rackspace account. I’m interested in testing it out. Please email me offline when you have a moment.



Maybe some videos could help out

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That’s on the way, although it’s pretty straight-forward even now.

1.) Create a server in your Rackspace account

2.) Login as root and run:

wget -O /; chmod +x /; /

3.) Wait for install to finish and then visit or