ContentBox - Site Mix Question

I’m going to take a stab at ContentBox again. I’m ready to overhaul one of my sites, but it needs to be a mix of a regular Coldbox site, with /blog content and maybe other /area content controlled by ContentBox and also regular links to documents, images, etc. that are NOT under ContentBox nor Coldbox control.

Can this be done? Let’s say my front page is NOT part of ContentBox, is there a query or widget or something in ContentBox that I can get, say, 5 Recent posts, or something?

I just know it’s going to take me a while to slice-n-dice a template from a buy-a-template site, but usually its worth it.

Yes, this can all definitely be done. In truth, it’s how I got started with Coldbox/Contentbox many years ago. :slight_smile:

Contentbox, unlike other CMS systems is just a Coldbox module that gets promoted to serve routes from the CMS. If you have existing templates you want to use, those can also be integrated. Feel free to reach out as you go through the process, and we’ll be happy to help

Good to know, and thank you. Is there a “best practices” guide to follow here? I mean… “Chicken or the egg?” I plan to just rebuild the site from scratch, so I can ensure I have the latest Coldbox version, so… do I start with Coldbox? Then try to add ContentBox to it? Or … the other way around?