ContentBox theme i18n

Can contentbox theme implement i18n?

Any example available?

We have done this in several ways.

1) Create pages in the admin using the native language title: /home, /inicio
2) Create pages in the admin using a local hierarchy

3) You can leverage localization bundles by just adding them to the root of
the application and using the normal ColdBox i18n methods of getResource()
in your theme.
4) You can create a module in your theme, which leverages i18n module

This way your theme can leverage its own module's localization.

I need really basics internalizations. Just a couple of string. For example in a theme there is a “Popular posts” heading that I wanna translate in italian.

I could use settings to store those values. But I would ask to check if there is a better method. Probably I will try to insert a module in more complex themes.

As a side note, it’s possible to translate also some routes? for example “category” can be translated?

I can do this manually, but category widget also need some adjustments. Probably if we can store routes in database to make them more flexible will be a good solutions.

I’ve read somewhere that this is possible with coldbox ses interceptor, but never tried.


Since themes support modules I would just use that instead for localized strings. This way the bundle is in the theme. ColdBox already take of all this so basically it is just a matter of config.

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