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I’m new to ContentBox and am reviewing the possibility of introducing ContentBox to my organisation. We are local government organisation, we have over 50 web sites and are looking for a CMS system to manage our content and website. Unfortunately I’ve been unable to find answers to satisfy some of the organisation’s requirements.

    1. Can ContentBox be rebranded (i.e. change ContentBox logo in the admin section)? If not, is there an option for corporate licencing and how much is it?
    1. Since ContentBox doesn’t cater for multiple website, would one need to create an instance of ContentBox for each site? If not, what would be the best way to implement this?
    1. I’ve read it’s possible to implement multi lingual site, but haven’t seen an examples of how best to implement this. Is there a best practice documentation to implement this?

My apology if some of these question have already been asked, I’ve not been able to find an FAQ page with commonly asked questions.

Thank you.


1 - You could easily switch out the admin logo. You can update admin RSS feeds as well, to customize the admin. The system has some features easily changed, and others that might not be.
2 - Multisite is a big feature that we intend to integrate. We have been looking for a couple more contributors to help sponsor that development. If you are interested, we could more the priority for that feature up. We are looking at ways to start adding multi site, we’d be happy to discuss your thoughts.
3 - You are right, we need to document this more. We have a few projects that would make great examples of making an i18n site. I’ll see if we can get some information on that to you, and the community.

Luis Majano is the man behind the project, I’ll let him respond in more detail.
Thanks for reaching out.

I’ll get more information and get back to you with a more full response soon.

Gavin Pickin
ContentBox Advocate.
Ortus Soluttions

Hi Gavin,

Thank you for your reply, in regards to multiple sites I shall speak with my manager and see if it's at all possible to sponsor the project.

In the meantime, would one have to install an instance of contentbox for each site?