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You know you can fix this yourself and submit it back to Luis right? Or if this is really important to you, consider paid support.

Phill Nacelli

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yes I am very well aware of that, did I not say I had fixed it, and also provided that fix over 12 months ago? Secondly, as I had not gotten around to learning Git then, it was easier to raise the ticket with the fix and I still have not got around to learning git.

And lastly, until their is a coding standard that all developers adhere too, the git pull causes major issues with people who have spaces at the end of their lines.

I ran into this problem when I did a pull request with Luis, because his settings didn’t have the remove whitespace from the end of a line where mine did. This meant that nearly every line become a change to Luis and I had to pull and submit over 4 or 5 times on that occasion.

So until that is even addressed I will prefer to raise the ticket and put the fix in their, it saves Luis headaches and it saves me headaches.

But as I also raised that issue in here about coding standards, especially when leaving whitspace at the end of lines in your code has also gone over every ones heads I have assumed nobody was interested in that problem.

No idea. Submit a pull and a ticket please.

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Luis I raised a ticket a very long time ago.