Controller Decorator error

Hi all

I’m just setting up a new app from scratch and trying to configure everything nicely. I decided to create a ControllerDecorator component according to these instructions However, as soon as I add the mapping to the component in the Coldbox.cfc I get this error:

Element INSTANCE is undefined in MEMENTO.

The error occurred in D:/CFDev/coldbox/system/web/ControllerDecorator.cfc: line 24

Called from D:/CFDev/coldbox/system/web/services/RequestService.cfc: line 256

Called from D:/CFDev/coldbox/system/web/services/RequestService.cfc: line 209

Called from D:/CFDev/coldbox/system/interceptors/SES.cfc: line 75

Called from D:/CFDev/coldbox/system/web/services/InterceptorService.cfc: line 204

Called from D:/CFDev/coldbox/system/web/services/InterceptorService.cfc: line 110

Called from D:/CFDev/coldbox/system/web/services/InterceptorService.cfc: line 76

Called from D:/CFDev/coldbox/system/web/services/LoaderService.cfc: line 81

Called from D:/CFDev/coldbox/system/Coldbox.cfc: line 71

Called from D:/CFDev/coldbox/system/Coldbox.cfc: line 102

Called from D:/CFDev/[myApp]/Application.cfc: line 85

22 : // Store Original Controller Memento of instance data and services

23 : var memento = arguments.controller.getMemento();

24 : instance = memento.instance;

25 : services =;

26 : return this;

The component looks like this:

component extends=“coldbox.system.web.ControllerDecorator” {

// See:

this.decorator = “true”;

function configure() {

writeDump( “In decorator” ); abort;


function setNextEvent() {

writeDump(“hello”); abort;



And the mapping in Coldbox.cfc is simply this:

coldbox = {

… stuff …

requestContextDecorator = “model.ControllerDecorator”,

… other stuff …


Has anyone seen this before?

(NB. “D:/CFDev/[myApp]/Application.cfc: line 85”, is a call to reloadChecks(), in case that’s relevant).


Can you post this as a bug to Jira. I will investigate.


Perhaps it is not relevant, but you are pointing a requestContextDecorator to a controllerDecorator… Seems like it should be:

… stuff here
controllerDecorator = ‘model.ControllerDecorator’,
… stuff here

Ah yes, that’ll be it. A humble copy/paste error after all</embarrassed grin>

I was hours looking at that as well.

Luis - can you close the JIRA ticket? It’s a non-issue. Thanks.

Awesome. Glad you got it sorted out :slight_smile: