Convert Raw Template to ContentBox Theme

Howdee folks. So six months ago a friend of mine asked me if I could do a quickie website for him. I reluctantly agreed, because he’s an educator and a friend and I wanted to help. Then all doodoo hit the fan in my world, and I’ve been in a constant whirlwind of “stuff” ever since. He has his “quickie website”, all right, which is code for “I threw together the cheesiest HTML I could and tossed it onto a server”. I still have no time for this site, but something needs to happen with it, so today I thought, “Hmm, maybe I can spin up a ContentBox site and hand over the keys to him.”

Which leads me to the question: Would anyone who knows ContentBox and especially ContentBox Themes be interested and available to help me with the theme part? Those of you that know me already know this, but I have absolutely zero graphics skills, so chopping up themes, editing/creating images, and the like, is way outside of my wheelhouse.

Please ping me off-list if you are available and interested.