CookieStorage getVar has new behavior

Hi guys,

Because of my many mistakes in the previous emails about this I decided to resend it with the correct title and the correct content.

A word of warning if you upgrade from 3.5.0 to 3.5.1

The CookieStorage.getVar() has changed. In the passed if you call cookieStorage.getVar(‘aVarname’) without setting a default value, a blank default was assumed.

In the present version if the aVarname was not set, the error: ‘The key you requested: aVarname does not exist’ will be thrown.

I am not sure if this was the intended behavior as the hint for default still states: hint=“The default value to set. If not used, a blank is returned.”

I have not updated the CookieStorage because of this since I have too many places that actually rely on this.

We reverted this back to what it was Tom for 3.5.2 release coming in the next few days.

I think we will leave this as is until 4.0 where we will need to do a compatiblity on it.

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