courses with handler packages


One of current apps Im writing involve 3 sections or areas with
duplicate handlers, or shall I say similar content spread amongst all
3 areas. The approach I took involved creating handler "packages" to
separate and organize my handlers... To make this short, I'm having to
write write out my full route on every link (ie. event.buildLink
(package.handler.index)). Is there an elegant way of handling this via
a custom course of sort where I can just but the package.handler, and
coldbox knows to go to the index action of that handler package
combination; yet keep the standard coldbox course where if I add a
link to a default action within a handler coldbox renders the route
correctly (ie. event.buildLink('handler/') coldbox sends me to the
index action of that handler)

hope this makes sense...

thanks in advance

That is already the case.

The default route has a ? on then action. It is not mandatory. If the action is not found, then it tries to fire the index() on the handler.

So you can do “/package/handler” and it will fire “/package/handler/index”

really? right on!

I guess I just assumed if I put event.buildLink('package/handler/'),
the buildLink method would render that as handler/action. So it
initially checks for handler named whatever, if it doesn't exist, then
it checks for package/handler?