CPU Issues with IIS Application Pool

A few weeks ago, we convert one of our CF Application from Lucee + Tomcat + Bon code + IIS to commandBox.

Some time after it, we start to get CPU Peek on our servers. That really random, different days of the week/time of the day. When that happen, we can see from the worker process of IIS management that the application pool take most of the CPU available on our server. If we try to recycle the application pool or restart it, we can’t do anything. We really need to restart the windows service who’s calling commandBox to make it work again.

When we restart commandbox, everything get back to normal. From the logs (\WEB-INF\lucee-web\logs, \WEB-INF\lucee-server\context\logs), we don’t see anything during the period of the crash.

We enable extra logs under the application pool setting. But nothing to help us.

Someone have an idea if we can enable some extra logs or have suggestion?

All our IIS site are isolated with his owned application pool. We still have other site but without commandBox.

The configuration we currently have :
CommandBox: v5.2.1+00295
Java: 1.8.0_202 (AdoptOpenJdk) 64bit
IIS: 8.5.9600.15384


I would think that a problem in the IIS app pool would not be about either CommandBox or Lucee but rather about BonCode. As such, you may want to direct your question to that project. Bilal (the creator) is great about support. The main site is BonCode Connector – BonCode, and for questions he asks that you raise them as github issues:
Issues · Bilal-S/iis2tomcat · GitHub

But perhaps someone else here may have a different take on the problem.

I agree with Charlie. If the issue is with Boncode or ISS, I’d follow up with Bilal. But just to confirm, can you sort the Windows task manager by CPU descending and confirm which process is taking high CPU?

Yes, that really w3wp.exe and from FusionReactor I can see that the instance of Lucee don’t take any CPU. Thanks for the suggestion, I will focus into Boncode to see if I can get more logs and contact Bilal.

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In case someone else with the problem get here. We did a update of Boncode to the most recent version (1.0.42). After 2 weeks, we didn’t see the problem happen again.

Thanks for the suggestion.