CriteriaBuilder & lucee5-light-alpine-3.9.2

Hello, I’ve built a custom image using the Docker image ortussolutions/commandbox:lucee5-light-alpine-3.9.2 and then installed the Ortus ORM Extension 6.5.2 .lex file from GitHub. When I run my application I get the errors below. When I use the non-light image instead and install no additional extensions my app works correctly. I’m guessing there are CriteriaBuilder changes moving from Hibernate 3 to 5/6… Any ideas?

No matching Method/Function for org.hibernate.internal.CriteriaImpl.add(org.hibernate.criterion.InExpression) found

192: // Else, it's a native Java restriction, add it in
193: variables.nativeCriteria.add( thisRestriction );
195: // process interception

70: var c = configurationService.newCriteria(useQueryCachi...
71: c = c.isIn( "setting", keys );
72: cRes = c.list(asQuery=false);

It looks like the light and non-light versions both use the same, latest Ortus ORM Extension, so perhaps it is not related that extension at all.

But, what other extensions might I be missing in the lucee-light version that I need to add to address this error? Thanks! -Wes

Ok, I think this is actually fine after a server restart. I think it is similar to the notice here: Basic Crud - Services | v4.x | cborm