Customizing demirkapi Layout . . .

Obviously, when I use this layout, I shouldn't be using Oğuz' avatar, tweets and swags. So, Oğuz, how do I customize the layout to use my stuff instead?

Hi Lola,

Here are some options:

  • Logo
  • /includes/img/cb_logo.png is the image.
  • Either replace with your image
  • Or delete it and #cb.siteName()# and #cb.siteTagLine()# will be used when there is no image

You can see the logic on /views/_header.cfm line 114

  • Social Buttons
  • Customize it on /config/social.json
  • Links
  • Customize it on /config/links.json
  • Right images
  • Customize at views/_sidebar.cfm

I hope those would be helpful.


Thank you! Mucking around in my copy of your template . . .

Where are /config/social.json and /config/links.json? I didn't find these in the config folder, and I looked in your layout folder, didn't see these either.