dashboard app creator not working: weird js error

hey all,
  this is probably stupid user error but I can't figure it out. i
upgraded from RC2 to the release, and when i go into the dashboard app
creator i get javascript errors. specifically, when clicking the
folder button, i get this in Firefox 3:

$(".server_browser").jqm is not a function
[Break on this error] onHide: function(h) {h.w.fadeOut();h.o.remove();}

the error is coming from:

and when i try to submit the form, i get other errors.

Now, if I run it in IE, things are fine.

I tried clearing out the firefox 3 cache, figuring it had something to
do with the cache-busting string being appended to dashboard.js, but
that didn't fix anything.

Any ideas?



Weird, I just tried it on FF3, but on my mac. I will have to get a PC later on to try it on ff3 in the PC.

Ahh, you PC users!!