DataTable Example with CBWIRE

Hey everyone,

I’ve been quiet lately but CBWIRE is still receiving many updates, and I’m very excited about the road ahead. I wanted to share that I’ve put together a fully functional DataTable implemented almost entirely in CFML using CBWIRE.

The DataTable has the following features that were built from the ground up:

  • Single CBWIRE Component ( wires/Datatable.cfm - provides all functionality )
  • List NES games
  • Set the number of games displayed per page
  • Pagination
  • Reset button to start over
  • Click anywhere on the row to select a game
  • Select all games listed
  • Search field to match any column
  • Sort columns by ascending or descending
  • Select games by checkbox
  • Shift+Click to select multiple games
  • Favorite games(s) w/ confirmation

The repo has everything you need, including an already-seeded Sqlite database with NES Game data. Just run a couple of commands ( noted in the README ) and give it a try. :smiley:



Also, I’m in the middle of recording and editing a CBWIRE Mastery series, coming soon to! Stay tuned.


There was some confusion when I initially posted this that I could have communicated better. Some thought this is a wrapper for the old jQuery Datatables library. It’s not - it’s actually all DataTables functionality built using CBWIRE and CFML :smiley: .