Date for 3.5.0 stable release

Hi all. At my job, we got approval to convert an existing application
to ColdBox!!! We are just starting development with the 3.1 0 release.
It looks like this release won't be deployed for 6 months, so should
we look at the 3.5.0 release now? Is there a timeline for when 3.5.0
will be changed from beta to stable?

I don't mind living on the edge with a beta version, but my management
might want to know a timeline.



Don’t quote me, but rumor has it that 3.5.0 Gold release is just days away. If you are not going to deploy your project for another 6 months, I would absolutely recommend 3.5 over 3.1.


What Matt said. 3.5 will be released if all goes well in max 2 weeks.

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Luis and Matt,

Thanks for the info. I'll recommend we try 3.5 once it is released.