Dealing with CBHelper.cfc


Until the time my ContentBox will be born, i used some time to get into the API and checking out some layouts.

My first job will be to create my layout with my favorite CSS framework.
And everything will start with the navigation. I have learned that a lot things are happen in the CBHelper.cfc.

The function rootMenu will create the main menu calling other stuff. In my case, a selected menu item must be in a strong tag:



To accomplish this, i’m pretty sure, that i have to change minor things in functions.

So, how is the idea? Do i apply changes directly in the cfc? Or should i create a copy of it and declare my own plugin?

Many thanks.

btw: if you like to see, how the layout will be, i have a layout prototype online:

Silly Google Forum, can not edit my own post…

I also will use fontawesome to get some nice arrows for the navigation: Each menu item will have this tag in front of the text:


<i class="icon-caret-right">#AMenuItem#</i>


So, i’m sure, that i have to touch every code with generates the links, right?

May help you…

Andrew Scott

I would recommend using the type = data from the menu system so you can bild accordingly. Also creating your own plugin is good

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I understood, that i can setup type to use li-tags, which i will too.
My navigation features are inside of the link itself, which needs some manipulation.

So, i have to get into ColdBox to understand, what and how to do things.
Andrews post help a lot.

Many thanks,