Default action set to a module

I’m having trouble with this. I use a environment method so that I can default my action to a module but the syntax /maint:home/index does not work…it throws an error

Error Type: HandlerService.EventHandlerNotRegisteredException : [N/A]
Error Messages: The event: /maintenance:home/index is not valid registered event.

is there a way to get this to work?


Where are you setting this. That is not valid event syntax.

I have not decided yet where or if I really want to do it…but here is a “short” version of the scenario. Based on a list of valid IP addresses, when I go to this website without any declared handler or action, I want to (if my IP is in the list) automatically go to a maintenance module for the site. My initial research and tests suggested that in the production environment function in the config, I’d check that list of IP, check to see if any handler.action was passed and if not, set that as the default handler. I suppose I could set next event too but not sure I can do that in the environment function.

As for your answer, I’m a little confused…that syntax is fine for the URL


Fine for URL because the SES interceptor translates it. If you override and event internally or run an event, you need to remove / and do periods

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HA…I did not realize…good to know…I will try that…thank you as always