Deployment for coldbox app in locally installed ACF or Lucee

Hi, Good day

I just have a question about how to run a coldbox app in a locally installed coldfusion 2021? and also how to deploy it on a physical server with IIS?

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What exactly is your question?

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Sorry, let me rephrase

How do I run a coldbox app to a locally installed coldfusion2021 server?

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The same problem, We are having difficulty running ColdBox on our locally installed ACF 2021. Is there any way how we can run ColdBox on our installed local ACF instead of its own server?

That shouldn’t be a problem. You don’t necessarily need commandbox to run a coldbox app. Coldbox is just a great cfml framework. You can use commandbox just to install coldbox (or even other cfml frameworks) and run it with ACF or Lucee without running a commandbox server instance.

However, commandbox greatly simplifies many tasks to configure the servlet engine to run coldbox “out of the box” and connecting it to a fronted webserver with very simple configurations.

If you are saying you are having problems, could you please specify in details what problems you are facing exactly? Any log errors? Stack traces? Saying you are having some issues is like saying to someone in the street that you are lost, but without telling anybody what your destination is. How should anybody from the cfml community help you?

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Hi, I’ve already made it run under my local CF server but when I am about to show a list of my records it shows another error. Please see attach image.


You run a ColdBox app just like any other CF app. Put the files in the webroot! You need to change your default error template so we can see what the full error is. Also, please describe how your webroot is set up. You likely have placed the coldbox app in a subfolder and not accounted for that in your config.

Please start a new thread for your questions. Don’t piggyback ok someone elses thread.