Development vs Production

How do I use the environments set the email address to for development and for production?

I see this in the ColdBox.cfc so what do I do to make this work?

environments = {
development = “nathan,^cf8.,^railo.”

Thanks for any help you can give us.

Assuming you have a setting for the email address in your ColdBox.cfc setting structure, something like this.

// custom settings

settings = {

emailAddress = “


And you included your environments setup, so you have an environment called development for any host that matches the regex pattern, you can then just add a function that matches your environment name to your Coldbox.cfc

function development(){

settings.emailAddress = “


Hope that helps,

Curt Gratz

Computer Know How

Yes, Thanks I figured it was something simple. I am a newbie with ColdBox and this helps.

Thanks again,
Nathan Sr.