Download page outdated

Maybe I’m the last person still using the “normal” ColdBox release without “update coldbox” from within CommandBox…?
Is it possible to update the download page There’s still 5.1.1 from May 2018.


Yes, you’re likely one of the few people not using CommandBox :slight_smile: I think Luis has to manually update the download page with every release. I know he’s talked about just getting rid of it. If you want to manually download ColdBox, it would be better if you did it via the ForgeBox web site. Click the blue “versions” button here
and use the download link next to the version you want. This page is fully automated and updates as soon as our builds run.

Thank you, Brad!
The download link I’ve posted is actually the one linked from “” (click on Downloads) and also “ColdBox MVC” (right sidebar click on “Download”). So if someone is actually lazy (like me); googles for “ColdBox”, his download will probably be an outdated one. Yes, I know - if someone is lazy - he should be using CommandBox as well :slight_smile: