Downloading LEX files...issue

I figured it out, but wanted to let y’all know about it.

This page, for examples, lists your .lex and other files in your S3 repo:

Unfortunately, the switchover to using a “+” in your version numbers is causing link issues. For 3.2.0+49 of this lex, the link is:

…which results in a 404.

The + symbol must be converted to %2B instead, as in:

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Thanks, @CaptainPalapa . We’ve seen this issue in commandbox downloads before (and fixed it by URL-encoding the package URL in commandbox), but the S3 file browser is I think outside of our control, i.e. an Amazon-generated page.

I’ll ping someone internally and ask how we can get that updated.

Yes, I knew that it was an S3 page. Just wanted to make sure the info was here somewhere for future me to find it! :slight_smile: I should’ve listed the error for search results. Here’s what one might get, so the user can see how to solve it.

<Message>The specified key does not exist.</Message>
<Key>ortussolutions/lucee-extensions/ortus-redis-cache/3.2.0/ortus-redis-cache-stg-3.2.0 49.lex</Key>

@CaptainPalapa Thanks again for the heads up! I was able to track down the issue and push up a fix.

The (encoded) download links now look like:

I’m going to mark this as “Resolved”.