Dynamically create Datasources for Docker Containers

Hi Gang,

We’re slowly getting around to getting out application working in Docker containers.
But I have git a snag and thought I would ask if anyone had solved it already…

Our application allows new customers to be added, live in the application.
We use the AdminApi to add in a new datasource for the new database that is created as part of the “Adding a new customer” process.

This process works well for us at the moment and adds the necessary config into the Lucee XML.

Now that we’re shifting to using containers - we can no longer use this method.

I was thinking that as part of the build process, we would query the database server’s schema for all the customer databases and dynamically recreate them all.

So that a container will always get started with the latest list of datasources.
That’s great - for when a container starts…

But how do I ensure that other running containers get updated, too?
Or retired and replaced with new ones - when an update is needed?
(Eg we have 3 running containers - on container_1 a new customer is added.
How do I get container_2 and _3 to also be updated with the new datasource?)

I am NOT a sys-admin type person…
But I assume it might be a Kubernetes thing - that the sysadmins might help with…

But I thought I would also ask, here.
From a application perspective : is there anything specific I need to worry about / solve in my application code?
And also from a docker image/container perspective too - since there are lots of users of Ortus Containers, here as well.

As always - thanks very much for your help.