Email Issue

Does anything look wrong with this? It works fine in development but in production I get the email and it has no body? Really lost here


public void function sendNotification(contact){
var template = ‘contact/sendNotification’;

// create a new mail object = MailService.newMail().config(
subject=“ contact form submission”


  • Set tokens within the mail object. The tokens will be evaluated
  • by the ColdBox Mail Service. Any matching @key@ within the view
  • will be replaced with the token’s value
    name =,
    email =,
    comments =

// Add HTML email‘utf-8’,type=‘text/html’,body=renderer.renderView(view=template));

// Send the email. MailResult is a boolean.
local.mailResult = mailService.send(local.Email);


/views/contact/sendNotification.cfm contact form submission

Name: @NAME@

Email: @EMAIL@

Comments: @COMMENTS@

Where are you setting the body?


Andrew Scott