Email Marketing integration

Has anyone in this group done any Coldbox/Coldfusion integration with an email marketing company like Constant Contact? Is that what most of you have used or is it something else because of integration? I’m interested in finding out what you guys are using so I don’t have write this from scratch. Any feedback would be great.



There’s a couple ColdFusion ones in this list though one is listed as deprecated:

They might give you a good place to start. If you write something, please make it available to the community if you can. A Constant Contact ColdBox Module for ForgeBox would be sweet :slight_smile:



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Thanks. I’ve seen those and that’s what prompted me to ask. I was thinking I couldn’t be the first to do this. My problem is I don’t want my contacts to be in constant contact because we slice and dice them in a million ways. Whatever I use I have to send them my addresses and then a variety of fields required by the selected template. Querying those templates and showing a preview is going to be real fun.