Error accessing helper methods to CBAUTH

I have a method in a handler:

function index( event, rc, prc ){
if (auth.isLoggedIn()) {
event.setView( "top_secret/main/index" );
} else {
relocate( "top_secret/login.index" );

And I am getting this error message:

No matching Method/Function for user defined function (auth).isLoggedIn() found

I believe that the config is correct, cbauth is installed and I have the UserService and User models defined.

I believe you have to inject auth for that to work.

There is a mixin which allows you to use auth().isLoggedIn();

If you want to use auth.isLoggedIn() you will need

property name="auth" inject="authenticationService@cbauth";

Always reinit after changing injections.

Hope that helps.

Actually, the helpers are method calls. You have auth. and not auth(), big difference. So are you trying to call the mixin or are you injecting the service somehow?

The examples in the documentation are not correct.

auth.authenticate( username, password );

Then yes. That’s wrong. Can you send me the link of these docs?

We can add a disclaimer to this page.

On this page we show how to inject or use the auth() helper… we should probably show both examples