Error cloning commandbox-cfconfig in new restful API

Following the docs:

coldbox create app name=MyRestAPP skeleton=rest

getting this error:

   | × | Installing package [forgebox:commandbox-cfconfig@*]
   |   | > Error cloning github repository
   |   |------------------------------------------------------------------
   |   | Verifying package 'commandbox-cfconfig' in forgebox, please wait...
   |   | Installing version [1.2.0].
   |   | Verified entry in forgebox: 'commandbox-cfconfig'
   |   | Deferring to [github] endpoint for forgebox entry [commandbox-cfconfig]...
   |   | Using branch [v1.2.0]
   |   | Cloning Git URL []
   |   |------------------------------------------------------------------

ERROR (5.2.1+00295)

Error cloning github repository

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class org.eclipse.jgit.util.SystemReader
\system\endpoints\Git.cfc: line 123
121:                            } while( !isNull( theRealJavaException ) )
123:                            throw( message="Error cloning #getNamePrefixes()# repository", detail="#deepMessage#",  type="endpointException");
124:                    }

Server starts correctly. Anything to worry about?

It would appear your CommandBox installation is corrupt. The JGit classes come from the


jar. Is it present on your machine?

Server starts correctly

CFConfig isn’t necessary to start the server, but it is necessary if you want it to mange your configuration :slight_smile:

Anything to worry about?

Yes, if you were expecting CFConfig to mange your CF config.

I have org.eclipse.jgit- I just used cfconfig on another repo to export CF 10 settings. CommandBox says it’s upgraded to the latest. All files in that folder show 9/26/2019 as the latest write time.

CommandBox 5.2.1+00295

It’s possible you already had CFConfig installed prior to the install command that threw the error would could explain why you are able to use CFConfig. As far as why Lucee threw the error about not being able to find the JGit class, I haven’t the slightest. I’ve never seen that error before.

Ok, I’ll blitz the .CommandBox folder and start from scratch later. Just need to start an API for now. Thanks.

It may have been a fluke. Perhaps just wait and see if you see it again or not.