Error Creating App

Not off to a good start with ColdBox as a noob. I’m receiving the following error when trying to create a test application:

| Installing package [forgebox:cbtemplate-advanced-script]

> No satisfying version found for [stable].
Verifying package ‘cbtemplate-advanced-script’ in forgebox, please wait…
Aww man, forgebox ran into an issue.
Uh-oh, ForgeBox returned something other than JSON. Run "system-log
en" to see the full response. GET
btemplate-advanced-script Unknown host: PKIX path building failed:
curity.provider.certpath.SunCertPathBuilderException: unable to find vali
d certification path to requested target
Connection Failure. Status code unavailable.
We’re going to look in your local artifacts cache and see if one of those
versions will work.

And, of course, there are no local artifacts and this is as far as I’ve gotten with ColdBox thus far. Any help would be appreciated.

Nevermind…the problem was proxy-based, I think. My work network was blocking the source site. I tried again from my home network and everything got created perfectly.