Error during upgrade Wirebox to 7.2 version

I’m trying to update Wirebox to version 7.2 (from 6.9).

I load wirebox like so:
var wirebox = new wirebox.system.ioc.Injector("config.WireboxService");

But I get this error:

Lucee Error (expression)
Message invalid component definition, can’t find component [wirebox.system.ioc.Builder]
Stacktrace The Error Occurred in
[PATH]\wirebox\system\ioc\Injector.cfc: line 366

365: // Create our object builder
366: variables.objectBuilder = new wirebox.system.ioc.Builder( this );

Really the Builder.cfc file no (longer) exists in that directory.

I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong :frowning:

Any help?

Hi @Roberto_Marzialetti I think this bug was reported already and fixed. Let me try and reproduce to see if the issue still remains or not.

Ok, the patch 7.2.1 is the one that contains the fix. So if you are on 7.2.0 that contains the issue. Please update your installation : box update wirebox

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Hi Luis!
Thanks for your reply! :smile:
I got the question.

I have yet another question.

I’m using Coldbox and Wirebox by installing two packages separately.

But, from what I understand, Coldbox already includes a Wirebox version.
It appears to be initializable by:



Thanks a lot, as usual.

Yes. ColdBox includes Cache box, LogBox and WireBox

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