error handler


If I put in my own error handler (ExceptionHandler) can I put in a cfrethrow to get the coldbox framework to handle this error?

So in my error handler I only want to handle a subset of all possible errors, and if it is not one of those, let coldbox do it’s usual thing.

Thank you

Hi AJ,

I believe on top of my head, that you can basically not do anything in
order for ColdBox to pick it up.

The exception handler gets executed once an exception gets trapped.
The exception handler can do anything it likes with the exceptions, if
it does not want to handle certain types of exceptions, basically you
don't do anything. The request flow will then make ColdBox due its
usual rendering of the exception via the ColdBox error template or if
you have set a custom one, the custom one.

You can try re-throwing it, but I believe ColdBox will try to run the
exception handler again. You can try actually throw exceptions from
the exception handler, and they will be picked up by the alternate
exception handler and render the error template.

Is this clear? Or Am I speaking Greek?


Sounds even better what I was thinking of :slight_smile:

Will do some testing…