Error in Coldbox on development mode

Hi everyone.

I’m using Coldbox 6.9.0+9 and Wirebox 6.9.0+9

If i active the auto detection of evironment:
environments = { development : "localhost,^127\.0\.0\.1,services.myapp.local" };

I get this error:

The target 'ExplicitCall' requested a missing dependency with a Name of '' and DSL of 'JSONPrettyPrint@JSONPrettyPrint'

I tried to manual install JSONPrettyPrint without solution.

This appen when i invoke the renderData() method, like this:

return arguments.event.renderData(
    data="Not Authorized (token invalid)",  

I attach the entire error.
error-coldbox.html.pdf (759.6 KB)

Any idea?
May thanks.

Which version of cbdebugger do you have installed? That’s the module that’s throwing the error.

Actually, I’ve never installed it.
With env=development should I install it?

It is installed, because that module is the offending module in your stacktrace. You can remove it if you don’t need it.

Since it’s there I’ll try it. :grin:

I updated the module to version 4 and everything seems to work correctly.

Thank you very much!

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