Error in testing with CB and MXUnit

Hi y'all,
Newbie alert - new to both Unit testing and Coldbox.

After getting 7 or 8 other tests working, I was reading the docs and
discovered you could test methods on the handlers and supply test form/
url data, so I thought I'd give it a go. I am attempting to test a
login authentication method. In the app, I have a form with email and
password inputs, that I pass to an 'auth' method. In the auth method,
I refer to the form fields by the request context, and

Here is the test method I wrote:

<cffunction name="testAuthEvent" access="public" returntype="void"
      var event = ""; = "";
      form.password = "password";
      event = execute('front.auth');
      assertEquals("loggedin.home", event.getValue("setnextevent",""),
"Relocation Test");

Well, I get an error Expression: Element EMAIL is undefined in RC.

Do I not have it configured correctly, or am I just plain 'doing it
wrong'? Thanks for shedding light on my wayward ways!


No your tests are right on the money however the mxunit eclipse plugin does not support form scope because cf webservi@es do not accept it. Therefore you can change it to url scope. It really does not matter because in coldbox both url and form scopeget merged into the request collection. So no worries. Again this is only if using the eclipse plugin

Luis! Worked like a charm. Thanks for the explanation!