Error installing 4.2.1 with commandbox

Hello, we have a ContentBox 4.2.1 production site that works but it has some gremlins. So to troubleshoot I want to set up a basic 4.2.1 site locally, running on ACF 2018 and MySQL 8. Using commandbox to “contentbox install-wizard” seems to install Coldbox and Contentbox – files and folders show up in my directory, that is – but then when it gets to the database portion, I get this error:

key [CONNECTIONINFO] doesn’t exist

/modules/commandbox-migrations/models/BaseMigrationCommand.cfc: line 125

I am able to open the “Welcome to ContentBox” Datasource Wizard page in a browser. But when I connect to an existing datasource, I get an error “Could not find the included template /coldbox/system/exceptions/Whoops.cfm.” When I create a new datasource, the datasource does get created but I get the same error. Database tables do not ever get created.

When I look at our existing 4.2.1 site, I do not see the directory being referenced in the error message. I do see it in a version 5 site. Simply copying the one from the v5 site into the v4 site does not work (I tried that).

Also note that installing a basic v5 site using the above method works without a hitch, repeatedly. These problems only seem to occur when trying to install a v4 site.

Any assistance would be appreciated!

Not sure if anybody has seen this, but after continuing to get nowhere with getting a working 4.2.1 site, I would like to ask if anybody else has this same issue? Are you still able to install a 4.2.1 site?

I have now tried ACF 2016, 2018 and 2021, plus Lucee. MySQL 5 and 8. Intel Mac, M1 Mac, Windows. The error messages are sometimes different but I get some error everytime. I simply cannot get a 4.2.1 site installed using install contentbox-wizard.

Note that a version 5 site will install without any problems at all, using the same methods that fail every time when trying for a v4 site. It is very frustrating.

I would appreciate any assistance or advice. Thanks.

@lmajano Can you assist?