Error - logbox? - server just hangs


I’m trying to upload my app so the client is able to check it. But I ran into a problem – whenever I hit the URL the CF server goes on and on taking memory and CPU time, growing until the server completely hangs and we have to restart at least the CFServer, if not the entire server (!!!).

I think I must be doing something really stupid… here is the description of the error I found:

# Entire Error Trace and code

Don’t have one, the server just hangs. What I found was in the exception log - I changed to APPNAME and DIRNAME to not disclose it, but it was the index of the app, in a subdir from the webroot:

38592 “Error”,“jrpp-6”,“06/17/10”,“13:18:35”,“APPNAME”,"’’ The specific sequence of files included or processed is: D:\DIRNAME\index.cfm’’ "

38593 java.lang.StackOverflowError 38594 at coldfusion.monitor.stack.CFStackFrame.copy(

38595 at coldfusion.monitor.stack.CFStackFrame.(

38596 at coldfusion.monitor.stack.CFStackFrame.copy(

38597 at coldfusion.monitor.stack.CFStackFrame.(

38596 at coldfusion.monitor.stack.CFStackFrame.copy(

…and it goes and goes for many pages (I counted 26, but there are more).

# ColdBox Version

Dashboard login page says “ColdBox Dashboard Version: 2.2.5 Beta.” and the update feature in the dashboard says “ColdBox Framework - 3.0.0 - 2.6.4

# OS

Windows 2003 / ColdFusion 8,0,1,195765 (same same for the dev server). Only diff I can see in the dev against the production is that the production has Update Level | (…)updates/hf801-71557.jar

# ColdBox.xml or any configuration file that creates the error.

Attached – they’re in the last version I uploaded, with minor differences, as datasource names and things like that. No changes to the Application.cfc.

# Detailed Description to Reproduce

Just upload the code to the server and it happens. Sorry, I can’t be more specific than that, as I do not have any idea on what really happened.

I’m afraid to run the code again on the server, as it’s serving a major app and can’t get offline in the middle of the day, but I need to show it for the client and it’s fully working here in my development server.

Thanks for any insights and sorry if this is something lame, I searched the group and google but can’t find anything useful.

Fernando S. Trevisan (Programador)