Error running ColdBox on ACF 2021/IIS

Hi @bdw429s ,
I have created new application in ColdBox and I have setup project with ColdBox using COMMOND line.
server start cfengine=addobe@2021… It’s working fine.

but I want to run my application using IIS with ColdFusion engine without running any command. When I bind local host with ColdBox application I am getting error welcomemessage is undefined in RC.
Can you guide me what steps I need to do for running the coldbox application using IIS and CF engine?

I have also setup COLDBOX with LUCEE using IIS by following your video. But now I am getting stuck to fix the issue running project in IIS with CF engine.

Looking forward to solution, I spent more then 2 days to find out this solution.

Thanks in Advance

Is there a feature of IIS that you need that CommandBox does not provide? If you let us know, chances are CommandBox can do whatever you need.

Are you just wanting to have the server auto-start when Windows starts? If so, you can setup a Windows service. Here is a commercial module that will do it for you:

I don’t understand what that means.

I thought you fixed this by applying update 1 to ColdFusion 2021.

No custom setup should be neccessary. Your application should run just fine. If you want someone to get on a call with you and look at your issue over screenshare, you can sign up for some support hours from Ortus Solutions.

The process is the same to connect IIS to Lucee as it is to connect IIS to ColdFusion.

Thanks for your resppone.

I actually require is to run applications using IIS. I have another application too which running on the IIS.

I make virtual localhost: http://testapp.local/ its not working but with the command server start cfengine@2021 working. error: Awesome Screenshot

My goal to run ColdBox with IIS ColdFusion.

Do you means by command server start cfengine=adobe@2021 , This is working but this is not my requirement

I connected with lucee that it’s working but not properly working application with ColdFusion connector.

Do you we have any article to deploy Coldbox on IIS using coldfusion engine ?

I have moved this to a new topic.

You need to enable the development error page in ColdBox. your screenshot shows nothing of use since it is the public error template.

No, that’s not what I meant. I confused you with the original poster of the other thread who fixed his issue by installing Update 1 into ColdFusion 2021. I assume you need to do the same.

Sentences like this are not enough information to begin to help you. Again, I would recommend you pay for some support hours to help you work through this.

You just copy your code to the server and run it. That’s it. There’s nothing else. If you’re having errors, you need to be much much more specific about what your errors are. Otherwise, we cannot help.

This is error screenshot:

Every new application from scratch getting same error on the COLDFUSION

Please follow all the instructions I gave above. You’ve missed the one key recommendation I believe will fix your issue 3 times now and I’m not inclined to say it a 4th time :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I am unable to solve the issue :upside_down_face:.

What version of ColdFusion 2021 is installed on your server?

Yes it’s cf 2021. I am using ACF 2021,0,0,323925

There is your answer. Re-read this post and the first post you originally commented on before I broke this into a separate thread. The answer is in both locations, you simply need to read and follow it.